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Metalgo Global Invest deals with forex every day with excitement and passion. For us, there is no financial market as exciting as the forex trade.

Metalgo Global Invest was founded by experienced and successful financial market specialists who have over 40 years of experience together. In cooperation with mathematicians, scientists and software developers, our goal was to make our knowledge and our trading available to private and institutional customers. Our success proves us right.

Many think that foreign exchange trading is a marketplace for short-term profits; however this way of thinking is false and leads many traders to high risks and careless trading. The consequence of this is usually high losses.

Metalgo Global Invest is specialized in long-term and lucrative investments on the forex market. To this end, we use the experience from active finance specialists and well-developed trading systems (expert advisor). We also know that every strategy and the trading systems (expert advisor) have no value on their own without the necessary trading experience and knowledge in coordination with trading systems (expert advisor). Metalgo Global Invest offers you both developed forex strategies, the implementation of trading systems (expert advisor) and an active financial management in the form of Forex trading signals. Signalsoftware bring many advantages for our customers, because an entire team of finance market specialists oversees the active trading with Forex trading signals on the forex market while you enjoy the full control and decision-making ability for your trading account.

Especially in today's market, it is important to have alternatives that offer security and transparency. Developed strategies are constantly observed and optimized as necessary. At the same time, new and innovative strategies are being developed in order to adapt to the ever-changing forex market.

Metalgo Global Invest: Transparency, Know-How, Knowledge and Experience by the Best!

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